Walton House - Close to all of Southern Tasmania's Big 4 attractions

Southern Tasmania's Big 4 Attractions - The Bruny Island Cruise, Peppermint Bay, Hastings Caves and the Tahune Airwalk

Southern Tasmania's Huon Trail runs from Hobart down into Tasmania's Far South. The whole area is filled with a wide range of attractions and things to see and do. Four of these attractions have become so popular that they are considered the 'must see' attractions when visiting Southern Tasmania.

Walton House in Huonville is ideally located to allow you to visit each of these inspiring atttractions.

Attraction     Distance from Walton House
Bruny Island Cruises Bruny Island Cruises, Southern Tasmania Bruny Island Cruises offers award-winning cruises along Bruny Island?s rugged coast in southern Tasmania.

Experience one of Australia's great environmental adventures, a thrilling three-hour tour where you will spot sea-life and coastal wildlife.

Bruny Island Cruises website.

25 minutes (to Kettering Ferry)
Tahune Airwalk Tahune Airwalk, Southern Tasmania You can experience walking among the treetops past rare species, some found only in Tasmania, such as King Billy and Celery Top pine, myrtle, beech, blackwood and sassafras.

The walkway rises up to 48 metres above the ground and extends for around half a kilometre over the Tahune State Forest and Picton River.

Tahune Airwalk website.

35 minutes
Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs Hastings Caves, Southern Tasmania Formed some 40 million years ago, these great dolomite caves were discovered in 1917 by timber workers.

You can join a Parks and Wildlife guide on a 45-minute daily tour through the large cavern. You?ll discover spectacular subterranean formations including flowstone, stalactites, columns, shawls, straws, stalagmites and the unusual helictites. The Cave is spacious and well-lit and there are no narrow passages.

Hastings Caves website.

50 minutes
Peppermint Bay Peppermint Bay, Huon Valley, Southern Tasmania A feast for the senses in our world-class river cruises, Peppermint Bay restaurant and casual Terrace Bar whilst enjoying spectacular views to Bruny Island.

Visit the Peppermint Bay website.

25 minutes

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